The INVETRO plaques have been studied to offer a totally glass surface, without need of any support, plastic mask or spins at sight.


The innovative magnetic method of application assures a safe hold on the wall support and permits to develop a wide range of models besides the ones offered by the catalogue.


Hence, thanks to this revolutionary system of application, there is room for our imagination to create circular, elliptic forms, or whatever kind you may wish.


Moreover, to make hotels, restaurants and any kind of public building, really exclusive the range of INVETRO plaques opens to the realization of personalized plaques with logos and emblems.





The INVETRO plaques feature a magnetic system of application that can be installed over the most of wall supports existing on the market.

The firm is able to create the model of plaque depending on the labels and model of the support and the electric system that you want to cover. The operations of assemblage are extremely simple and do not require any intervention on the electric components.







- All the INVETRO plaque are entirely handmade and manually decorated. Hence, every plaque is unique, one slightly different from another, even though of the same color and decoration.


- The INVETRO plaque are made upon request, depending on  interior design exigencies and without limit of quantity.


- The INVETRO plaque can be installed in a safe and swift way, without the need of specialized personnel.


- The glass which they are made ensures the brightness of colors and the maximum strength to the use. In virtue of the innovative system of application, the INVETRO plaques can be dismantled for cleaning and can be replaced in few simple movements.