Placche InVetro




“INVETRO” is a trademark by ”Kaleidoscopio” of Angela Amella, a firm that has been working in the artistic glass production sector since 1987.


The entire manufacturing, centered on House interior design, consists in lamps, glass windows and doors, mirrors and furniture as expression of an handicraft with an artistic vocation, able to evolve and correspond to the changing demand of the national and international market.


The constant entrepreneurial research, made possible also thanks to the new manufacturing technologies, allowed the development and production of the innovative INVETRO plaques.


 Such an exclusive product features a surprising versatility and a high innovation degree, matching the Kaleidoscopio esthetic experience of many years with high advanced productive standards.






The INVETRO plaques originated from the need to conciliate two main goals.


First of all, they allow the customers to satisfy the need to make their house unique and original, according to their own taste.

Secondly, they ensure an effective and economically advantageous technical solution of installation, making the INVETRO plaque an accessible finishing touch, without any intervention on the existing electrical system.


The solution originates from a glass made plaque, always hand painted, in a large scale of colors and decorations, made more exclusive on demand, with an innovative application that permits easily to adapt it to the morecommon supports presents on the market.


 Furthermore, in order to achieve the best/maximum safety of the product, the plaque are redressed of a special skin that avoids the dispersion of the glass fragment in case of breakdown.






The INVETRO plaque are realized in conformity to models and systems, already registered at the Italian Bureau for trademarks and patents.